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Thora & Eeyore

Puppies have arrived
2 males and 4 females
This litter is fully reserved


Colors Expected are Deep Red, Apricot, Phantom Merles, Merles.

Prices Range


Expected Sizing 16-25 pound 

Solids $3000

Abstract $3200-$3400

Tuxedo, Parti & Merles $3500


IMG_5514_jpg 2_edited.jpg

Bailey &Milo



Mini Goldendoodles expected

weight 20-25 pounds


Colors Expected are Deep Red and Apricot with markings.

Prices Range


Solids $3000

Abstract $3200-$3400

Tuxedo, Parti $3500



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Autumn & Goldman Sac

Due to Heat in August for Christmas go home

Expected size 30-40 pounds

Colors Expected are Deep Red, Apricot with 

abstract and tuxedo markings




IMG_5188 3.JPG

***Please note that I do my very best to match you with a puppy of your preferred gender, but it's up to mother nature! Every puppy in this litter should be exceptional-the last puppy chosen is usually just as wonderful as the first. And I'm a strong believer that we end up with the dog we are supposed to have. I have also found that there is no noticeable difference in behavior or personality between male and female puppies, and spaying and neutering keeps it that way!

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