VanderDoodle Mamas


AKC English Chocolate Labrador

Kona is an overall loving, chill girl. She is mama to our F1 mini/medium labradoodles. Swimming in the pond and pools on the property is one of her favorite activities. She is glued to our daughter Shaelyn every minute of the day..... Unless you have food then you are her new BFF.



F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Ember is a solid deep red F1b mini Goldendoodle. She's has one of the most velvety coats of all. She is an absolute mommy's girl.  Ember is very smart and has a loyal, loving and fun personality. She loves car rides, tug-o-war, playing in the snow, hiking, exploring, cuddling and belly-rubs.


F2b Goldendoodle

Nala is a full tuxedo apricot and white F2b Goldendoodle. She has a wavy and extremely soft coat. She is a total sweetheart and is fun and playful. If you even catch eyes with her she will turn over and expect a belly rub. Her and Ember are besties. You'll always find these 2 running around the farm together.



MutliGen Mini Goldendoodle

Nova is our smallest female. She is an absolute sweetheart and loves to snuggle.She is little miss social, she loves people and other dogs. Her favorite thing to do is play hide and seek with my 3 girls.  Her sweet tempter is gonna make her such a great mama.

VanderDoodle Dads

Sir Baxter

F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Baxter was our very 1st Goldendoodle and because of him we fall absolutely in love with the breed. He is a sweet tempered, loyal, affectionate boy. Baxter loves to run around with Kona and come back in a sleep in the most weirdest positions that do not look comfortable. He loves to sit with daddy every Sunday and watch the Jets (usually lose).



F1bb Petit Goldendoodle

He may be the tiniest on VanderDoodle Farms but he is the mightiest. Thinking he weights 70lbs Simba will keep up with all this siblings and during the cows. He looks up to Kona and always snuggling right next to her any chance he gets. Fully furnished (F/F) and has both curling (C/C) and non-shedding (T/T) genes meaning all his puppies will have beautiful proper coats and fluffy teddy bear faces.  He also carries the parti gene meaning his puppies can have cute white markings. Simba's temperament is off the charts amazing! He is a TOTAL lap dog, but also very confident and playful. Everyone who meets him immediately falls in love with his demeanor as well as his looks. We searched far and wide to find the perfect stud and it payed off when we found our Simba Boy!

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