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Our Story

Welcome to VanderDoodle Farms


We are a close-knit family of 5. Jesse and I met when I was 17 and was love at first sight. Having so many common interests such as quading, hiking, rock climbing (pretty much any out doors), but mostly of all our love for animals. 2 years later started to grow our family and have now 3 beautiful sassy girls. Shaelyn (13) Kailea (11) and and sassiest of Londyn (7). 

Growing up on a farm in Hunterdon County NJ I was outside all day everyday mowing fields, bailing hay, feeding cows, and collecting the eggs from the chicken house. Needless to say there was also plenty to do around it. My all time favorite chore though was helping my mom deliver and raise puppies.  As a kid we bred AKC Golden Retriever's and English Labrador's. So I have been around dog breeding pretty much my whole life. I started breeding and raising my own dogs and puppies about 9 years ago and now sharing this experience with my daughters on the same farm I grew up on is the most rewarding of all.

We didn't start off with Doodles though. It wasn't until we got Baxter that we discovered how much love this breed brings to a family. We instantly fell in love with the breed and their amazing temperament and knew it was the perfect fit for our family. Since then we have added lots of others to the family. My husband has to deal with not just so many girls in his house but this crazy DOODLE lady!!! 

 We are truly a family business. Our dogs are part of the family and as such, we take great pride in providing excellent care and supplying lots of love for our four-legged companions. All of our breeding dogs live in our home. Our parent dogs have been carefully selected for their healthy genetics and loving dispositions. All of our breeding dogs are fully health tested through Embark. Our puppies are socialized from the moment they are born, and are safely exposed to loud noises, children, and other environments to get them ready to adapt to their new family. We know you will love your new VanderDoodle Farm pup. We invite you to come out and visit and get to know us and our dogs. 

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